Manuel Chavarría Alvarado

Manuel Chavarría Alvarado

Orthopedics and Traumatology
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
Patient Demographics: Adult, Elderly

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Procedures (33)

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Abscess debridement and drainage
Achilles tendon surgery
Ankle arthroscopy
Ankle fixation surgery
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery
Articular hyaluronic acid injections
Carpal tunnel surgery
Complex tendon suture without graft
Dupuytren's contracture surgery
Hallux Valgus surgery
Hip fracture surgery
Injections with platelet-rich plasma
Knee arthroscopy
Knee cardilage surgery
Kneecap stabilization
Labrum Shoulder Surgery
Meniscal suture
nail hematoma drainage
Partial Shoulder Replacement
Prosthetic bone replacement
Rotator cuff surgery
Shoulder arthroplasty with prosthetic implant
Shoulder arthroscopy
Shoulder fixation surgery
Shoulder Rotator Cuff Reconstruction
Shoulder stabilization
Small sized wound suture
Tibial fracture surgery spine
Torn meniscus repair surgery
Total knee arthroplasty with prosthetic implant
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Medical conditions (31)

Fractured bone
Knee injury
Meniscus problems
Stretched ligaments
Achilles tendon rupture
Bowed legs
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cartilage and joints wear
Elbow fracture
Femur fracture
Flat foot
Fractured ankle
Fractured fingers
Fractured foot
Fractured hand
Fractured hip
Fractured knee
Fractured leg
Fractured shoulder
Fractured wrist
Herniated lumbar disc
Hip dysplasia
Hip pain
Joint pain
Knee ligament fracture
Low back pain
Neck pain, shoulder and hips
Trauma rotator cuff
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General Info

About me

I decided to study Medicine because of the treat with the people and the possibility of help them in something so valuable as their health. The satisfaction of be able to see how a person manages to return to their daily activities, work or sports without pain or discomfort. The close relationship between sport in general and orthopedics.


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  • Specialty in Orthopedics and Traumatology. Universidad de Costa Rica. December 2010
  • Doctor and Surgery. Universidad Autónoma de Centro América - Escuela Autónoma de Ciencias Medicas. San José. December 2000
  • Orthopedic Sports Medicine

  • Advanced Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy

    February 2020 - February 2020

  • XXII National Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology - Costa Rican Association of Orthopedics and Traumatology. San Jose Costa Rica

    September 2019 - September 2019

  • BLS (Basic Life Support Course)

    July 2019 - July 2019

  • Advanced Shoulder Surgery Techniques, Rosemont, IL

    June 2019 - June 2019

  • V International Congress of Hand Surgery and Superior Member

    May 2019 - May 2019

  • Current Concepts In Joint Replacement - Cleveland, USA

    May 2019 - May 2019

  • 20th annual AAOS/AOSSM/AANA comprehensive sports medicine course

    January 2019 - February 2019

  • Participation in the XXXII National Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology in D.F; Mexico.

    September 2018 - September 2018

  • Annual Meeting AAOS, New Orleans

    March 2018 - March 2018

  • Arthroscopy Knee and Shoulder Training - Smith and Nephew Facility, Boston

    August 2017 - August 2017

  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy Advanced Course - Smith and Nephew learning center, Austin Texas

    April 2017 - April 2017

  • AO Trauma Course - Treatment of hand and wrist fractures - Hotel Park Inn, San José

    August 2016 - August 2016

  • 33rd Annual Shoulder course - San Diego Shoulder Institute, San Diego

    June 2016 - June 2016

  • Annual Meeting: Arthroscopy Association of North America - Memorial Convention Center, Boston, MA

    April 2016 - April 2016

  • 10th Biennial Congress of the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine - Lyon France

    June 2015 - June 2015

  • Arthroscopy course - International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS)

    June 2015 - June 2015

  • Cadaveric Course Shoulder and Knee Arthroscopy - Arthrex Naples

    March 2015 - March 2015

  • Nice Shoulder Course

    June 2014 - June 2014

  • Course in patellofemoral knee - Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA), Dr. Fulkerson. Chicago, United States.

    March 2014 - March 2014

  • Conference: XVII National congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Hotel Intercontinental, San José, Costa Rica.

    September 2013

  • Internship

    Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine at Universidad Catolica de Chile. Santiago, Chile. Jan 2009 - Jul 2009.

  • Internship

    Shoulder Pathology at Hospital Italiano. Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jul 2012 - Oct 2012

  • Internship

    Sports medicine - Catholic University Hospital. Santiago de Chile


  • Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica cod. MED6392Active

    Medic and Surgeon - Costa Rica

  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS)
  • Costa Rican Orthopedic and Traumatology Association (ACOT)
  • Ivancovich R, Chavarría M. Estudio Desciptivo de la Mortología del Pie Acto Ortopédica Costarricense. 3,4: 14 - 17. 2004